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I am a director who tells innovative, character-driven stories that speak to what it means to be alive in America today. I'm drawn to anti-heroes, knotty dilemmas, people driven to the limits of the human experience. My work invites audiences to consider every person’s potential for transformation. This potential, to me, is what makes human life precious and sacred. It is also the magic that makes theater worth watching.


At the core of my work is a deep engagement with actors and a passion for acting as a craft. My rehearsal  processes emphasize deep rigor while also fostering a collaborative environment, awake to discovery and pregnant with possibility. I foster performances that feel lived-in, nuanced, and honest. By coming alongside actors in their work, I create a space where they can discover and reveal the multifaceted layers of their characters.


While rooted in character, my work is also innovative, hybrid, and multidisciplinary. I support narratives with immersive elements that evoke theater’s roots in ritual. My work with actors always engages adventurous movement, and often uses choreography.  I embrace integrated media design, digital theater, and AI, using technology to amplify and complicate the stories I tell.


Whatever my tools, my goal remains the same: To tap into the embodied nature of theater-going and create a viscerally felt journey for the audience.


In all my work, I identify as a citizen artist, deeply committed to staging work that catalyzes social change and promoting a more just and loving society. I am passionately curious about stories outside my own lived experience. My work amplifies underrepresented and oft-erased perspectives. I assemble creative teams that represent diverse skills and lived experiences because diversity promotes the most vibrant and rigorously interrogated artistic experience.


The ancient Greek word “theatron” means “a place for seeing.” To me, theater helps satisfy the deepest human need: To see each other, and be seen. I create work that invite audience to see the full-blooded complexity of their own and others’ experiences. By doing my best to make work that matters to me, I hope to make audiences feel seen, as if they belong, they matter.

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